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Washington State Department of Health Approved Program


Learn a form of healing that makes you instantly employable as an exceptional reflexologist! There is a shortage of bodyworkers, and the need is strong. If you've been dreaming of a new career in helping others, this is for you! 

Summer Program Discount!     Thursday Evenings    5pm to 8pm      June 6-September 26, 2024

$3950 includes textbooks, workbooks, practicum package...everything you need to complete the program!


In order to offer personalized instruction, class size is limited to eight students. Learn reflexology from Teri Hoskins, an instructor with over 29 years professional experience and 25 years in training others to become reflexologists. This program offers a comprehensive 300-hour course incorporating Chinese Meridian Therapy as it relates to hand and foot reflexology. This additional training enhances your treatment allowing for greater results. This course is designed for those who want to be a professional reflexologist or for professional bodyworkers who may want to incorporate it into their current practice. It is also for anyone interested in reflexology and wants to learn more. This course will prepare the student to pass the state test, administered by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), to become a professional certified reflexologist in Washington State.


Students will discover the relationship between foot reflex points and other parts of the body, according to the theories of reflexology. They will understand how many people suffer from foot pain and how reflexology can help. Instructor will explain the practices of reflexology, what they can and cannot do as a reflexologist, the benefits and contraindications of reflexology. The student will learn reflexology techniques including thumb walking and thumb rotating. They will understand how the reflexes are mapped onto the feet, and the difference between zones and meridians.


Course includes formal lectures about the practice of reflexology. Students will spend most of their class time practicing reflexology techniques. By the end of this course the student will be able to apply an effective one-hour reflexology treatment.


The 300-hour program consists of:

     Reflexology theory & practice includes, history, zones, reflex maps, relaxation response, contraindications

     Mapping the reflexes as they are anatomically reflected on the feet; how the reflexes are affected by stimulation to the feet

     Practicum hands-on palpation of landmarks and reflex points with sensory identification of palpated areas

     General anatomy and physiology; body systems 

     Structure of the leg and foot

     Business and marketing

     Meridian therapy as it relates to reflexology

     25 hours of practicum outside of class

     40 hours of case studies


Student Learning Objectives:

     Define what reflexology is and what it is not

     Map and locate reflex points

     Locate muscles and bones in the legs and feet

     Identify foot pathology and contraindications

     Demonstrate knowledge of anatomy & physiology

     Practice good business skills

     Palpate reflexes and meridians

     Perform a one-hour foot reflexology treatment

     Pass the Washington State test administered by the American Reflexology Certification Board


Learning activities will include lecture, in class hands-on practice, reading, class discussion, quizzes, and tests, outside class practice sessions and documentation of case studies, zoom meetings when necessary.


Students will be evaluated by their participation in class, by their documented case studies, results on quizzes and tests. The skill of the student will be observed by the instructor while performing reflexology treatments in class. At the end of the course, the student will take a written exam and perform a one-hour treatment on the instructor.


Total Program Hours: 300

For additional information or questions, please contact Teri Hoskins: or 360-349-3623



Tuesday Evenings, 5pm to 8pm, 5 Month Program: September 24 - February 25, 2025 OR

Satudays-one day a month, 8 Month Program: September 21, 2024 - April 26, 2025

$4750 includes workbooks, textbooks, notebook, practicum package (lotion, shea butter, foot wipes, etc)

SAVE $500 if registered and paid in full by August 1, 2024

Instructor: Teri Hoskins, Certified Reflexologist since 1995

For additional information or questions, please contact Teri Hoskins: or 360-349-3623

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