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Teri Hoskins, CR became a certified reflexologist and opened a reflexology practice in March 1995. After studying at Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center, she continued to study with The International Institute of Reflexology.  Her passion for the field took her to South Africa where she studied at The International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy,  where she learned to incorporate meridian knowledge with her expertise in reflexology.  Her love for reflexology lead her to start teaching in August 1997.  Three years later Teri was appointed the USA Director for an international reflexology school. She opened the first of these USA schools in Olympia, WA. She then branched out and oversaw three other campuses and school directors in Washington for eight years. Since resigning as the USA Director, she continues to teach reflexology and meridian therapy as it relates to reflexology.  She has been a guest teacher at the Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center.  She co-taught the reflexology program at Bellevue Massage School.  She has studied with Dr. Manzanares who incorporates reflexology with his medical practice in Spain. She has also studied with Dr. McClanahan, a podiatrist in Portland, OR who embraces natural foot care as part of his practice. Teri currently maintains a reflexology private practice in Olympia, WA and offers a 300-Hour Reflexology Certification Apprenticeship Program. 

Offer to Massage Schools and Clinics:

Earn a percentage of all student participants by hosting a CE workshop at your school or place of business.  Contact Teri for details: or 360-349-3623


We offer the highest quality Continuing Education Classes in the field of therapeutic reflexology.  I teach to a high standard and offer practical skills so the learner is able to perform a professional reflexology treatment. With twenty-six years of experience, I offer a wealth of knowledge and I'm excited to share my expertise with those who wish to learn. 

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