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Beginning Foot Reflexology

Workshop ~ 8 Hours

This course is designed to provide a "hand-on" workshop experience. It provides the student with the beginning techniques of reflexology along with relaxation techniques. Each participant will see how the feet mirror the body; how to divide the foot into regions of the body and how to locate the reflexes. Learning what common types of foot pain people experience and how to relieve it is essential for anyone wanting to perform a reflexology session. The student will learn to apply thumb walking and thumb rotation techniques to stimulate the nervous system, generating an overall feeling of wellness. No prerequisites required.


1. Perform a one-hour reflexology treatment

2. Connect division of the foot to anatomical regions of the body

3. Perform and explain the rotating thumb and thumb walking technique and demonstrate the difference.

4. Demarcate, position and label reflexes on the feet.

Instructor: Teri Hoskins, CR

Sunday June 9, 2024 or

Sunday September 15, 2024 


8 CE hours   9am to 6pm  

$145 if paid 30 days in advance, Save $30

6140 Capitol Blvd. Tumwater WA 98501

Reflexology Class for the Novice ~ anyone wanting to learn!

Thursday, March 14, 6pm to 7:30pm     $60 Bring a friend for only $40

Learn some simple techniques to help friends and family experience relief from stress, basic aches & pains

Instructor Teri Hoskins, 29 years experience or 360-349-3623
6140 Capitol Blvd. SE, Suite C
Tumwater WA 98501

Reflexology & Meridian 

Workshop for the LMT

This course is intended to teach the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) the pathways of the meridians and the location of the reflexes.  This workshop is a hand-on class designed to teach how stimulating the neck, hip and back reflexes help release tension before the therapists even starts the body massage. Understanding what meridians run through what sections of the body will generate knowledge that will also assist in releasing tension in their clients bodies.  



1. Recognize the reflexes in the feet that will help alleviate pain in the knee, hip, shoulder, neck and back.

2. Trace the meridians that run through the varies organs. For an example: the gallbladder meridian runs the hip joint. 

3. Learn to apply techniques to relieve pain by stimulating the reflex and meridian points. 

4. Understand how congestion along meridians occurs and how it effects the body. 

Instructor: Teri Hoskins 

Sunday, April 28, 2024

9am to 6pm 8 CE Hours

$145 if registered by March 31, 2024,  $175 after

90 Minute Reflexology Class for Friends & Family

Discover how to perform foot reflexology on your friends and family! A fun evening filled with knowledge and lots of hands-on experience. Learn from an instructor with 29 years of experience.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Perform the Basic Reflexology Techniques: Thumb Rotating and Thumb Walking

2. Discover how Reduce Congestion and pain in the Body

3. Map the Reflexes on the Feet

4. Relate calluses, corns and other abnormalities to congestion in the body

March 28, 2024 6:30pm to 8pm   $60

6140 Capitol Blvd. Ste C 

Tumwater WA 98501

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